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Steelers projected to sign Russell Wilson?

Russell Wilson could sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers if he’s cut by the Denver Broncos.

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

Russell Wilson’s days with the Denver Broncos could soon be coming to an end, and that means he will look for a new team soon.

As a quarterback-needy team, the Pittsburgh Steelers could be in the market for Wilson. In fact, CBS Sports writer Cody Benjamin projects that Wilson will sign a three-year, $90 million contract with the Steelers in the offseason.

The former Seahawks star was always going to need an MVP-caliber resurgence to win new coach Sean Payton’s approval as the highly paid face of the franchise. He wasn’t bad in 2023, but his numbers also masked a general streakiness and sluggishness running the Broncos offense — all the way up to his polarizing Week 17 demotion, which effectively signaled the end of his short-lived Denver career. At 35, it’s clear Wilson is no longer the elite dual threat he once was. But his downfield touch returned at points in 2023, and he should have a decent market after his inevitable release, especially with Denver already paying his 2024 salary.

Wilson, 35, threw for 3,070 yards, 26 touchdowns and eight interceptions in his second season with the Broncos. He was benched ahead of Week 17 and was on pace to have his best season since 2020.

The desire to have a veteran quarterback could be fervent for the Steelers this offseason, but it would certainly be a risk (and a waste) to move on from Kenny Pickett after just two years. Is Wilson worth the sacrifice? That’s for the Steelers to decide.