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Terrible Towel Tales: Steelers may expand size of coaching staff

Steelers news and commentary Thursday, February 1st

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Welcome to the Terrible Towel Tales, where we’ll highlight some of the latest stories permeating Steelers media for your reading pleasure every Monday through Saturday. In today’s news…

Steelers owner believes team’s running back duo ‘can be the foundation of success going forward’ | Jared Dubin, CBS Sports

Well, if the biggest thing you need is quality play at the quarterback position, then you are probably not close at all to having a good offense. Quality play at quarterback is the single-most important determining factor in offensive performance. Without it, you are too far behind the eight-ball to get there. But Rooney doesn’t think that way. He wants the Steelers to be like Steelers teams of old.

“I think we have an idea of what we want the Steeler offense to look like,” Rooney said. What does that mean? Mostly, that they should build their offense first and foremost around their running back duo of Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren.

Steelers Considering Expanding Size of Coaching Staff | Adam Boarst, Steelers Now

Annually, the Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the smallest coaching staffs throughout the NFL, whether that comes down to assistants, analysts, pass or run game coordinators, etc. After another disappointing playoff loss, head coach Mike Tomlin and team owner Art Rooney II have hinted at the idea of adding to the staff in different ways.

“I’m looking at all components of staffing as part of the annual end-of-the-season review, and additions in terms of expertise are certainly a component of that,” Tomlin said at his end-of-season press conference.

Arthur Smith Did What!? Steelers New OC is Impressive | Noah Strackbein, All Steelers

Well, speaking with those who have inside knowledge of the Falcons organization, it appears Smith is coming to Pittsburgh with much more to offer than fans may realize. Not everything was as bad as it looked from the outside - or from the small sample size Steelers fans and media may have watched of Falcons football last season.

Take a deeper dive into what the Steelers new offensive coordinator could bring and how he made the most of some of his talent with the Falcons, while getting all of the insight from someone who watched his run in Atlanta.