Brock Purdy - almost God

Did we just dodge our silver bullet to a new way of life? I like Brock Purdy. I like seeing his mom and dad in the stands. He seems like a good kid and a hard nosed player. If the 49ers won the Super Bowl he would have become Jesus! He would have instantly given every small town family hope. We would have woken up to his baby faced, ice filled veined, rise from Mr. Irrelevant to American Hero/Savior. He would have washed the Sins of that City away - and with it everything that is bad about our world. He would have killed Taylor Swift and State Farm with one smooth oblong rock. In a game of stars and blue bloods, sack dances and first down gyrations, freak athletes and Demi-gods… we almost witnessed the beginning of a New Testament in football and life. Romo was preparing us for his crown - but I don’t think we were ready. It took extra time to beat beat back this savior. And now we face the reminder of 2024 knowing that not even the Olympics and the return of Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas will be enough to save us from our election cycle.

It’s fitting that "Corndog" thwarted our salvation. We don’t deserve what we need because we don’t eat what we should. It looked so promising. It was so close. The commercials had more God than Coca-Cola and Pepsi - even a new better cola with none of the bad stuff… But alas, Mahomie and Big Red leveraged the star power of Usher and HER (on guitar) to take back our beloved country - back into chaos and futility.

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