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Saturday Night Open Thread - Get to the Chopper!

Come and join this merry band of Steelers’ faithful for some lively debate about our Steelers, good food, music, and the merits of the odd cold beverage.

Star Wars Celebration Events 2022 Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

RIP Carl Weathers. Such a great career. Brought many of us many, many great cinema moments.

  1. Now that the football season is over, what have you been doing with your free time?
  2. I am making you SR VP of Marketing for the NFL for a day. You need to replace the Gronk gimmick (kicking field goal) with something better. What’s your pitch?
  3. Outside of a chip in the football to allow for accurate measurements of yards gained, what tech change would you make to game?
  4. Best Carl Weathers movie moment?
  5. I bought a new smoker this week and plan on smoking a couple of chickens tomorrow. What other food should I do over the next few weeks? As usual, snot bonus points for recipes!