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Terrible Towel Tales: Would Steelers trade a first-round pick for Justin Fields?

Steelers news and commentary Wednesday, February 7th


Welcome to the Terrible Towel Tales, where we’ll highlight some of the latest stories permeating Steelers media for your reading pleasure every Monday through Saturday. In today’s news…

Steelers Learn Trade Price For Justin Field | Noah Strackbein, All Steelers

ESPN’s Adam Schefter said on ESPN Chicago that Fields could “definitely” go for a first-round pick this offseason.

“I think they might get a 1,” he added.

The Steelers currently hold the 20th pick in the draft, which may be good enough to hand Chicago for a trade. Pittsburgh understands their “next step” is for the team to get quality quarterback play. Maybe they believe that will come from the former first-round pick on the Bears.

Pittsburgh Stadium Authority backs Steelers’ bid to host NFL draft | Ryan Deto, TribLive

The City of Pittsburgh formally approved a bid by the Steelers to host the next available NFL Draft.

The city’s Stadium Authority voted unanimously Tuesday to enter into agreements with the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers, marketing groups and municipal agencies to “support, effect or cause to occur an NFL Draft in Pittsburgh in the year 2026 or 2027.”

Aaron Waller, executive director of the Stadium Authority and the Sports and Exhibition Authority, said the move will provide support and commitment letters to the Steelers on their application to host the draft.

Report: Steelers Interviewing QB Coach Candidates, Stephen Thompson, All Steelers

“Quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan talked to, in the season-end review, if you will, Mike Tomlin and was encouraged by his talk with Mike Tomlin. It wasn’t a foregone conclusion that he’d be gone,” Dulac said. “If anything, it was probably a good chance that he’d be back. He interviewed for offensive coordinator positions in Las Vegas and New Orleans. He thought they went well. Obviously, he didn’t get those jobs, but there’s no guarantee he will be back in Pittsburgh.”