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Antonio Brown 91 yards away from franchise record

If Brown can get half of his average over the 2013 season, he will break Yancey Thigpen's 16-year-old franchise record for receiving yards in a season. He sits 17 catches behind Hines Ward for the receptions record.

Gregory Shamus

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown had five catches for 66 yards, including a touchdown during Pittsburgh's 21-point first quarter in a win over Cincinnati in Week 15.

Those 66 yards brought him to 1,307 yards, 91 away from Yancey Thigpen's franchise-record 1,398 yards in a single season.

The Steelers have two games remaining, Week 16 at Green Bay and Week 17 vs. Cleveland. He'd need to finish the last two games of the year well under his season average to miss breaking the record, set by Thigpen in 1997.

While it was his 14th consecutive game with five catches or more, he is off the pace a bit to break Hines Ward's receptions record. Ward had 112 catches in 2002. Brown is at 95, meaning he'll need to average eight catches a game over his last two to break his mark.

Brown added a 67-yard punt return touchdown against Cincinnati as well. He is third in the NFL in receptions and yards.