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The former Washington Redskins will temporarily be called “The Washington Football Team”

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Rather than keep the Redskins name temporarily, Washington is ready to move on while deciding on their new logo.

New England Patriots v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting the team formally known as the Washington Redskins will temporarily go by the name of “The Washington Football Team.”

Shefter reports there will be no change to the burgundy and gold color scheme and players will have numbers replacing the former logo on the sides of their helmet.

The Washington Football Team hopes to have all names and logos taken off their platforms in time for their Week 1 matchup. With the possibility of not having and fans in attendance, there is a chance the logo could be completely eradicated.

It appears Washington will stick with this uniform format for the entire 2020 season in hopes of finding a new logo and mascot in the future. The team will seek out those in whom the new mascot will have the most effect to help determine what will be used in the future.

It has been rumored what is holding up a new team logo in Washington has to do with trademark law. Apparently a realtor in Virginia trademarked many names in hopes to strike the one Washington hope to use and therefore have to sell the rights to the NFL franchise.

With many decisions involved in the NFL coming down to financials, it appears merchandise will be available for The Washington Football Team in time for the 2020 season.