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Around the NFL

Report: NFL is ‘likely’ to compromise to spread out revenue loss over 5 years

The projected lost revenue from 2020 being spread over half of the new CBA would be the definition of the two sides and meeting in the middle.

Report: NFL owners are willing to shut down training camp if no agreement is reached with the NFLPA

With the economic issues such as opt-out clauses and pay for cancelled games, owners could stop training camp if a deal is not accepted.

The NFL has a face shield for players, but use may not be required

The NFL and Oakley have been working on the shield and hope to have an updated version soon

The former Washington Redskins will temporarily be called “The Washington Football Team”

Rather than keep the Redskins name temporarily, Washington is ready to move on while deciding on their new logo.

NFLPA informs agents of potential revenue shortfall

The players association has proposed a longer-term for the recovery of lost revenue from the 2020 season.

The NFL will require any fans in attendance to wear face coverings

For those teams to hoping to have fans, this just makes official what most were prepared to do.

The NFLPA updates players on the status of the current negotiations

More and more issues are being resolved by both sides as training camp dates approach.

Debunking the myth of the 55-man NFL roster

With the roster expansion rules with the new CBA, some are mistakenly thinking the Steelers will have less cuts to make.

Report: NFL offers no preseason games in their newest proposal

Already reduced to two games, the NFLPA appears to have got its wish to cancel the 2020 preseason.

Major progress being made in NFL negotiations to begin the 2020 season

The owners met today in a conference call, and reports of progress are coming out.

Steelers players join the NFLPA push for safe working conditions prior to training camp

The hashtag ‘We want to play’ lit up social media on Sunday