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I've been a sports fan since I was about 7 years old. The first game I remember vividly watching was Super Bowl XIV between the Steelers and Los Angeles Rams. I've been hooked ever since. My first love is the Steelers, but I'm also a huge Pirates fan and even though it's been painful the last two decades, I'm hoping they can give me some more great memories like they did in the early 90's. I'm not the biggest hockey fan in the world, but I'm learning to appreciate the sport more and more. I also love PITT athletics and college football and basketball, in general.

The Sidney Crosby era is ending, while Kenny Pickett’s is beginning: That’s sports

Will the Steelers be revitalized under Kenny Pickett? If they are, it will likely happen at the same time that the Penguins go into the doldrums without Sidney Crosby and the legendary core of players that led them to three Stanley Cup victories since 2009. Such is life in the cyclical world of sports

Steelers fans should give up criticizing Mike Tomlin for Lent

Lent is a time of year when a lot of people repent and give up certain temptations. Steelers fans should seriously engage in self-denial over the next six weeks and stop criticizing head coach Mike Tomlin.

Stop photoshopping Steelers uniforms onto players who aren’t Steelers

Will Jalen Ramsey ever become a Steeler? Even if he doesn’t, some future, young Steelers fan might think he once played in Pittsburgh. Why? Because of photoshop.

Putting a bow on the 2022 Steelers and NFL campaign

The 2022 NFL campaign came and went like a flash (doesn’t it always?), and I’m now sad that we’re truly in the offseason. Sure, the coverage never stops, but there’s still nothing quite like the actual season.

It looks like the Chiefs have become the NFL’s new evil empire

Heavy is the head that wears the crown? Nah, in the case of professional sports, heavy is the heart of an America that can’t stand dynasties.

The negative reaction to the Super Bowl halftime show has now become a funny cliché

Why must we comment on how much we hate the Super Bowl halftime show each and every year? The negative reaction has become a tired and comical cliche.

James Bradberry grabbed JuJu Smith-Schuster’s jersey, which is a penalty

If James Bradberry didn’t want to be called for holding in the final moments of Super Bowl LVII, he shouldn’t have grabbed the jersey of receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster.

NFL records are certainly made to be broken

Career records don’t seem to be as sacred for the NFL as they are for other sports leagues. Maybe that’s because they’re being broken all the time, and people don’t seem to notice all that much.

It seems as if NFL fans have become desensitized to extraordinary things

Are we ever wowed by anything in today’s NFL? It sure doesn’t seem like it. In fact, we almost expect the impossible.

The NFL hosted its first-ever Pro Bowl Games, and nobody got hurt

The NFL hosted its first-ever Pro Bowl Games over the weekend, and nobody got hurt...well, except for Myles Garrett.