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Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I am a natural fan of every Pittsburgh sports team. Although I take time to root for and get excited about the Penguins and Pirates, the Steelers are by far my favorite team to root for. Growing up under the roof of a high school football coach exposed me to a lot of techniques, strategies and intricacies of the game from the teachings of my father. I thoroughly enjoyed playing high school football at Taylor Allderdice High and to this day enjoy watching, playing and talking about the sport at any opportunity. As an adolescent I developed my admiration for the Steelers while watching games with my father and grandfather, who passed shortly before the Super Bowl XL win. To this day my family will be on a conference call during almost every game so everyone can catch up during the game, talk about what is happening and enjoy the team's successes together. My fanaticism was only intensified in my four years away from Pittsburgh at Cheyney University. Being among a majority of Eagles fans and a mix of other fans of teams such as the Cowboys, Giants, Redskins and Ravens who had nothing but spite for Steelers fans only made me have that much more appreciation for my favorite team. Especially when they would go on to win a Super Bowl and 2 AFC championships during my team there. In my four years of undergraduate education, the Ravens never beat Ben Roethlisberger; that steamed up all the Baltimore fans pretty good every year. Espcially when they lost twice to Pittsburgh in the playoffs during those times. Today I am back home after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. I missed the family, the small-big-city feel that comes with Pittsburgh and being around a majority of other Steeler fans. While I spend most of my time working, volunteering for various local organizations and hanging out with friends, I always budget my time to see the Steelers game each week no matter their standing that season.

Film Room: Jesse James' blocking woes continue

The Pittsburgh Steelers are hoping Jesse James can fill the gigantic shoes once occupied by Heath Miller, but his blocking is going to need some work before he is used in the same sentence as Miller.

Thanks BTSC, from a truly grateful contributor

Christopher Carter is moving on from BTSC, but not without leaving love for this great sports talk community.

Film Room: Eli Rogers cements roster spot vs. PHI

We take a look at Pittsburgh's wide receiver Eli Rogers and how he performed against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Steelers second preseason matchup.

Film Room: Breaking down Landry Jones’ horrible evening vs. the Eagles

Landry Jones had a game he’d rather forget against the Philadelphia Eagles in the second week of the preseason. We break down the interceptions and diagnose just what went wrong.

Kevin Colbert issues team statement on Le’Veon Bell suspension

Kevin Colbert talks about the team’s disappointment in the suspension of their star running back.

Steelers vs. Eagles Winners and Losers

We take a look at the winners and losers from the Steelers’ loss to the Eagles in preseason football

Steelers Film Room: Villanueva's tough first game

One of the most notable players that gave a disappointing performance in the first preseason game last week was left tackle Alejandro Villanueva. We take a look at the mistakes he made.

Steelers Film Room: Mathews is upgrade over Thomas

The Pittsburgh Steelers needed depth on their defensive line so that they could give more rest to Stephon Tuitt and Cam Heyward. Their rotation this season is looking better with Ricardo Mathews in the mix.

Steelers Film Room: CB Grant shows tackling basics

The Pittsburgh Steelers saw a young cornerback make multiple solid tackles in the secondary that showed promise of further development. We take a closer look at just what he did right.

Film Room: DT Hargrave Shows Solid Fundamentals

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie Javon Hargrave had a solid first preseason game against the Lions. We take a look at his performance and how he can improve.