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Which Bills player would you take on the Steelers roster?

It's a developing and talented roster with multiple options. It comes down to the linemen in our list of options.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Bills have the makings of a great NFL roster.

As a franchise, they've done a great job adding role players as well as stars over the last few seasons. Buffalo Rumblings editor Brian Galliford pointed out to us the other day defensive coordinator Mike Pettine has championed a varied and spontaneous scheme to exploit the defense's athleticism in their front seven, maximizing their impact.

That's why the first nomination here is Mario Williams - second in the NFL with 11 sacks. He's been all over the field for Buffalo, and is a legit nomination for Defensive Player of the Year.

Defensive tackle Kyle Williams is less obvious than his linemate, but is no less pivotal to the success of their defense.

Both Williamses have terrorized the Steelers at various different times in their past - Kyle was instrumental in Buffalo's huge defensive performance in 2010 when the Bills, by all rights, defeated the future AFC champion Steelers. Mario Williams has four sacks and a forced fumble in two career games against the Steelers.

What about Robert Woods? Word was the Steelers were big on the USC wide receiver before the 2013 NFL Draft, and may have taken him if he was available with the 48th pick. Buffalo took Woods with the 41st pick.

A potential target of the 2012 NFL Draft was offensive lineman Cordy Glenn. His versatility was allegedly appealing to the Steelers, but the Bills - having possessed the 41st pick again - took Glenn. The Steelers settled for Mike Adams with the 56th pick.

It seems Buffalo got the better player.

It's a budding young roster, and the Bills may make a push for a playoff spot this season. It will be a tough game for the Steelers...assuming they can't somehow manage to get Glenn to switch teams before kickoff.

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