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Steelers have 9.1 percent chance of making the postseason

Stranger things have happened, but the Steelers must count on both what's expected and a few things unexpected in order to qualify for the playoffs.

So you're saying there's a chance.



The Steelers may totally redeem themselves from what seemed like a death sentence after losing consecutive games to Baltimore and Miami in Weeks 14 and 15. Losses by those Dolphins (vs. Jets) and Ravens (at Cincinnati) along with a San Diego loss at home against the Chiefs - who's playoff seed is sealed at No. 5 - and a Steelers victory over the 4-11 Browns would do it.

According to Football Outsiders, there's a 9.1 percent chance of that happening.

Miami leads the odds, with a 58.7 percent chance of grabbing the AFC's sixth seed, with Baltimore second at 18.9 percent. San Diego sits at 13.3 percent.

It could be worse.

While Steelers fans will look back on several key losses this season as trigger points that caused the 90.9 percent chance of their elimination in Week 17, the Steelers had the same record heading into the final game of the season against the same opponent, but were already eliminated. That chance may be slim, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

The Steelers are seven-point favorites over the Browns, according to Bovada. The Bengals are six-point favorites over Baltimore, instilling some hope for the Steelers. The Dolphins are seven-point favorites over the Jets, and the Chiefs are the one team of that group that have the possibility of resting their starters. They've already clinched a playoff spot, and their fifth seed cannot change, win or lose.