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Browns vs. Steelers second half open thread

Pittsburgh takes a 14-0 lead into the locker room in a very one-sided game to this point.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The broadcasters during the Browns at Steelers game made mention before the end of the first half that Cleveland, in its first year under new ownership, management and coaching staff, believes they succeeded in creating a cultural change among the Browns' organization this year.

I'm at a loss of how that comment can be justified after watching their listless effort throughout the first half.

The Steelers are running all over the Browns, and the Steelers aren't even playing great football. Cleveland's barely even on the field.

All the same, the Steelers are up 14-0 and will get the ball to start the second half.

Along with the Steelers' domination so far, they're getting to see competitive effort from the Jets in their game against Miami, and Cincinnati leads the Ravens 10-6 despite two first half interceptions by quarterback Andy Dalton.

It's never good for a team to get two takeaways in a half and go into the locker room down four points.

The Steelers need to take care of business, and get wins by Cincinnati, the Jets and Kansas City over San Diego this afternoon to advance to the postseason.