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Steelers 2-Minute Drill: Take a long look in the mirror

Neal Coolong, editor of BTSC, provides an on-point assessment of the Pittsburgh Steelers and their failures as an organization after the 31-10 debacle in Cleveland Sunday.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers were embarrassed at the hands of the Cleveland Browns Sunday, to the tune of a 31-10 beat-down. Every fan knows that, but what happened after the game might cause fans to cringe, especially BTSC editor Neal Coolong.

In this edition of the Steelers 2-minute drill, Coolong addresses comments made by safety Mike Mitchell, as well as lineman Ramon Foster, after the Steelers were lambasted in Week 6 and saw their record drop to 3-3.

That's something the Steelers and their fan base have grown accustomed to. Mediocrity. Middle of the road. Nothing special. Just another team with an average record.

Coolong addresses this and much more in this week's 2-minute drill as Steelers' fans' anger is reaching it's boiling point.

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