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Steelers Final Score: Anger just the tip of fans' emotional iceberg

The Pittsburgh Steelers' fans were angry, and rightfully so, after the Cleveland Browns sent the Steelers back to Pittsburgh with a loss in dominating fashion. Fans sounded off on the new Steelers Final Score call-in show.

Jason Miller

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Pittsburgh Steelers fans expected a better outcome. They expected a better performance than what was on display Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

Nonetheless, what you saw is what you got, and that was so far below 'the standard' it made fans sick.

Those fans were vocal during this week's Steelers Final Score call-in show which airs immediately after every Steelers game concludes.

Fans were baffled with play-calling, offensive formations, defensive idiocy and, of course, Todd Haley's name was brought up on more than one occasion.

When all was said and done, BTSC editor Neal Coolong tries to talk Steeler Nation off of the proverbial ledge in hopes of a turnaround such as we saw in 2013.

Be sure to check out the show via podcast to hear myself and Neal Coolong field your calls and try to give some semblance of sanity after another week of the Steelers' season has gone into the books.

You can hear all episodes of the Final Score, as well as the weekly podcast The Standard is the Standard on our BlogTalkRadio page, as well as download all for free on iTunes.

Be sure to join in the conversation after the Steelers and Houston Texans game wraps up next Monday night.