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The Standard is The Standard: Breaking down the Indianapolis Colts

Jeff Hartman and Lance Williams bring in Brad Wells to help break down the Colts heading into the Steelers' Week 8 game.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Short weeks require the utmost care and precision when preparing coverage for the upcoming game. Jeff Hartman and Lance Williams, hosts of BTSC's podcast The Standard is The Standard, had to turn to a secret weapon.

That weapon? Brad Wells, former editor of SB Nation's Colts site Stampede Blue and one of the more controversial and humorous voices associated with the Colts today.

Wells shares his thoughts on Chuck Pagano, as well as the deep history of former Steelers coaching personnel getting jobs in Indianapolis. Wells is also one of the funnier, better informed opinion-makers you'll hear. It's definitely worth listening in just to get his take on the Steelers, on Mike Tomlin, on Pagano and every other aspect of this game.

There's conversation about Le'Veon Bell, T.Y. Hilton and two potentially explosive offenses based on the personnel each team has, all fitting into what looks like a pretty good matchup on paper.

Check out all the past episodes of The Standard is The Standard, as well as BTSC's postgame call-in show "Steelers Final Score" here. They're also available on iTunes.