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Steelers Final Score Podcast: Separating the bad from the ugly after the Saints loss

Jeff Hartman and Neal Coolong took to the airwaves after the Steelers lost to the Saints on Sunday, moving their record to 7-5. After the performance at Heinz Field, it was mainly a matter of separating the bad from the ugly.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers took the field on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, and it wasn't too long after the opening kickoff when it became clear that Pittsburgh didn't belong on the same field with the Saints.

After the final whistle blew and the Steelers had lost their fifth game of the season, Jeff Hartman and Neal Coolong of BTSC fielded calls from fans, as well as analyzed what went wrong for the Steelers in a game that wasn't nearly as competitive as the final score indicated.

Not to take the loss lightly, but the guys also talked about the Steelers' playoff hopes, which still linger after an up-and-down season has left fans trying to grasp onto something positive after another letdown against a poor team.

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