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'The Standard is the Standard' highlights Falcons and dangers heading into Week 15

Neal Coolong filled in for Lance Williams on The Standard is The Standard, and he and Jeff Hartman go over the Steelers' upcoming Week 15 game against the Atlanta Falcons with Falcoholic editor Dave Choate.

Here's the podcast version of The Standard is The Standard:

Another edition of the BTSC online radio show The Standard is the Standard is teed up and ready to be kicked off Wednesday from 9-10 p.m. ET.

Be sure to listen live as BTSC editor Neal Coolong gets called off of the bench to fill in for Lance Williams. Coolong lacks the experience of Williams, but his upside is considered to be fantastic.

On this week's show, we will break down the Steelers' most recent win over the Cincinnati Bengals, as well as bring in the scout team to talk about the upcoming game against the Atlanta Falcons.

There will be some burning questions which need to be answered. Such as: Is Ben Roethlisberger capable of leading this team down the stretch? Is Le'Veon Bell more than just a great running back, but also the most valuable player on the Steelers roster? Can the Steelers finally find consistency by winning Sunday in Atlanta?

All that and much more. Be sure to call in at (347) 850-8581 with any question, comment or query regarding the Steelers, the NFL or how Neal might fare if he were put through the NFL Combine testing regimen.

You can find the show on our BlogTalkRadio page, but if you can't listen live, you can catch it via podcast here on BTSC, the BlogTalkRadio page or download for free on iTunes by searching The Standard is the Standard.