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Steelers Final Score Podcast: Casting out the 8-8 season demons

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The Pittsburgh Steelers defeating the Atlanta Falcons Sunday marked the first winning season in Pittsburgh since the 2012 season. Fans got to enjoy the victory on the Steelers Final Score call-in show.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers won their 9th game of the 2014 season with a 27-20 victory over the Atlanta Falcons Sunday. The win moved their record to 9-5, and put them in prime position to make their first postseason birth since 2012, but the win also marked a break of the mundane back-to-back 8-8 seasons the team has experienced in recent years.

On this edition of the Steelers Final Score, Neal Coolong and I break down the Steelers' win over the Falcons by taking your phone calls, dealing with some minor technology blunders and analyzing the stats of the game that was.

Some interesting topics get brought up during the show. Will this 2014 team be remembered more for the great wins or the horrible losses? Are the Steelers finally showing the consistency necessary to make a postseason push? The Steelers have shown poise throughout the final two weeks and resemble a team worthy of contention, will it last?

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