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Steelers podcast: The Standard is the Standard goes over the win over the Falcons and previews Week 16 vs. Chiefs

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Jeff Hartman had to fly solo in this one, but he takes us through the win over the Falcons and dives into a critical Week 16 game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Here's the podcast from Wednesday night as The Standard is The Standard highlights everything you'll need to know from the Steelers' Week 15 win over the Falcons and their upcoming Week 16 game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Join me tonight from 9-10 p.m. ET on our BlogTalkRadio page for another edition of The Standard is the Standard. Tonight I'll take a look back at the Pittsburgh Steelers' road victory over the Atlanta Falcons, as well as looking ahead to the game on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Don't miss a member of the 'scout team' from the SB Nation site breaking down the upcoming game which has huge implications for the AFC Playoff picture.

Along with the guest, some burning questions will be answered throughout the show. Can Ben Roethlisberger continue his consistent play and lead the team down the stretch? Will the defense be able to stop the run and force the Chiefs to throw the football? How far can this Pittsburgh Steelers team actually go this year?

I'm flying solo tonight, so any calls with questions, comments or queries are always welcome!

Be sure to listen live from 9-10 p.m. ET and call in to make your voice heard (347) 850-8581.