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The Standard is The Standard: Reactions to second and third round picks

Big thumbs up for Stephon Tuitt. Shocked and confused looks for Dri Archer. Neal Coolong and Lance Williams go over the team's second and third round picks.

Jonathan Daniel

To say BTSC managing editor Neal Coolong and Lance Williams were confused over the Dri Archer pick was an understatement.

But both were very enthusiastic about the addition of Notre Dame defensive end Stephon Tuitt.

While the night ended on what seems like a departure from the vision of the first two rounds, the Steelers come out of the first three rounds of the draft with an unexpected haul of speed and athleticism. The remainder of the draft will still provide Pittsburgh with more of the depth they need, and those needs are fairly clear - because they're many of the same needs they had when the draft started.

That draft continues through Saturday, starting at noon ET, and will have rounds 4-7. Undrafted free agency launches immediately after that.

Coolong and Williams discuss that, and the Archer pick, in their most recent edition of The Standard is The Standard. Click on the link below to listen.

The Standard is The Standard - Day 2 reactions