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'The Standard is the Standard' podcast to debut Thursday at 11 p.m. ET

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We're kicking off the season with some live stuff, so be sure to tune in Thursday to our Renegade Kickoff show.

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The name of the show? "The standard is the standard".


So, what can you expect on this show this Thursday?

Live at 11 p.m. ET, BTSC managing editor Neal Coolong and I will break down training camp to make sure every Steelers fan is prepared heading into the eighth year of Camp Tomlin.

The show will also be kicking off the start of BTSC's season preview magazine, 'The Renegade,' a features-style overview of everything you'll need to know about the Steelers in 2014.

Neal also has a big announcement, so you may want to listen to that.

Here is a link to the show's page on BlogTalkRadio so you can listen live and even call in if you'd like on Thursday night. If you can't listen live, the show will be posted on that webpage, as well as here on BTSC for you to listen in podcast format.

The show will be interactive, even if you can't listen live. There will be an opportunity for you to leave a question in the comment section, and the best questions will be answered live on the air. Just the latest addition to the best Steelers site on the web.

Hope you all join us live this Thursday at 11:15 p.m. ET.