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'The Standard is the Standard' live 11 p.m. ET tonight

It's 'Ravens Week' and that means the official BTSC podcast is gearing up for the Pittsburgh Steelers to face their arch-rivals in prime time Thursday night. Be sure to join the conversation by calling, tweeting or commenting and giving your opinion.

Gregory Shamus

It's 'Ravens Week' here at BTSC, and the official radio show/podcast 'The Standard is the Standard' is gearing up for the festivities. Join myself and Lance Williams Wednesday night at 11 p.m. ET on our BlogTalkRadio page for the best Steelers talk on the internet.

Callers are always welcome, whether you want to vent about Ray Rice, talk about the Steelers' porous defense or just talk about how great Ben Roethlisberger is...simply call (347) 850-8581 anytime during the show and we will get you on air as soon as possible.

Here is the rundown for tonight's show leading up to the Steelers vs. Ravens game Thursday night.

Pittsburgh Steelers 30-27 victory over the Cleveland Browns.
- Game recap
- Jeff and Lance hand out their 'game balls' on offense and defense

Previewing the Thursday night throwdown with the Ravens
- Ray Rice situation a distraction?
- Key Offensive matchups
- Key Defensive matchups

Steelers vs. Ravens Prediction

Week 2 picks of the week

Be a part of the show by calling in and telling us what you think about the big AFC North match-up about to go down in M&T Bank Stadium Thursday night. Call in, tweet us (Jeff - @BnGBlitz and Lance - @SteelRadio), or leave a comment below. As always, be sure to check out our BlogTalkRadio page for more details.