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'The Standard is the Standard' podcast is now available on iTunes

The official BTSC online show/podcast that provides a weekly look into the Pittsburgh Steelers is now available on iTunes.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The official BTSC online radio show/podcast is now available on iTunes. Hosted by myself, Jeff Hartman, and Lance Williams, the show provides Pittsburgh Steelers fans with the best Steelers talk on the internet full of information, insight and predictions.

The show airs every Wednesday night at 11 p.m. ET and runs for exactly 30 minutes. Although the show's length and time are subject to change, if you can't listen live, you can now download the show for free via iTunes.

Simply go into your iTunes store and search 'The Standard is the Standard'. You should see the BTSC logo and from there you will have access to all of the shows that have been produced this season. If you can't find it there, a simple search for 'Pittsburgh Steelers' will do the trick as we will be listed under the many podcasts that cover the Steelers.

Along with iTunes, you can access all of the shows from our BlogTalkRadio page.

Be sure to check in every week to hear the best Steelers talk on the internet.