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The Standard is the Standard: Steelers vs. Buccaneers Week 4 preview

We've got a producer (thanks CC), we've got audio (thanks JP), we're down a Lance but I attempt to carry his weight on The Standard is the Standard.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

There are no easy games in the NFL. Perhaps the Steelers should beat Tampa Bay in Week 4, but that's an assumption based on nothing but early indications from two teams that have undergone a mammoth amount of change in both the off-season and as recently as last week.

Is a prediction driving this as to which Steelers team will hit Heinz Field at 1 p.m. ET Sunday? Is it based on the Tampa Bay team that got slaughtered by Atlanta in Week 3? Not long ago, it was Pittsburgh, not the Buccaneers, reeling from a bad road defeat at the hands of a division rival.

But it looked like a vastly different Steelers team in Week 3, benefitting from some extra rest and the continuing building process of a still-evolving team early in the season. Is it unfair to admit the possibility for a Buccaneers team that's changing out quarterbacks but getting a few other key players back in Week 4 to be in line for this same kind of one-week turnaround?

We discuss that and put the final wraps on a big Week 3 win over the Panthers on this week's The Standard is the Standard, complete with audio from Cameron Heyward, William Gay and Ben Roethlsiberger, all in an effort to get you prepared for Sunday's tilt against the 0-3 Buccaneers. Give it a listen.