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Steelers 2-Minute Drill: The arrival of Markus Wheaton

In this week's edition of the 'Steelers 2-minute drill", Neal Coolong sounds off about the Steelers' victory over the Cleveland Browns, but more importantly, the arrival of wide receiver Markus Wheaton.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

In this edition of the 'Steelers 2-minute drill', BTSC editor Neal Coolong discusses the Pittsburgh Steelers' 30-27 victory over the Cleveland Browns Sunday, but more importantly, the arrival of second-year wide receiver Markus Wheaton.

It wasn't just Wheaton's 6 receptions for 97 yards that caught Coolong's attention. His blocking also was rightfully noted as he showed quality blocking skills in his first game as a starter and this was a key element in LeGarrette Blount's 7-yard touchdown run in the first half.

What might be even more interesting is the comparison that naturally is going to take place between Wheaton and his predecessor Emmanuel Sanders. Coolong doesn't just address the differences between the two players from a playing standpoint, but also points out how Wheaton's 'team first' attitude has him making Steelers' fans everywhere saying, "Emmanuel who?!".

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