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Steelers Podcast: Talking Week 5 NFL action and headlines across the league

Chris Carter and Dani Bostick hosted another episode of the BTSC podcast 'SteelCast'. Check it out as they outline the entire Week 5 NFL schedule.

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Week 5 of NFL action is on our door step, and the BTSC podcast 'SteelCast' is going to give you a full breakdown and predictions. But that isn't all which will be discussed on this episode. Listen to co-hosts Christopher Carter and Dani Bostick discuss possible draft prospects for the Steelers in 2016 and much more.

Take a look at a run-down of the show:- Indianapolis Colts defeated the Houston Texans last night with 40 year old Matt Hassellbeck at the helm, are the Texans done?

- The Steelers need to be concerned about the safety position; Dani Bostick breaks down why Von Bell might be the perfect addition in the 2016 NFL draft.

- Cleveland plays Baltimore in a big divisional matchup for both teams. We talk about who wins and why.
The undefeated Bengals have a two game lead on the division over Pittsburgh, but the face the back-to-back defending NFC champion Seattle Seahawks this week. Is this Pittsburgh's best chance to gain ground?

- Pittsburgh's increased time with Michael Vick in at quarterback could be the biggest story of the week. Is it enough to get them a victory in San Diego on Monday night?

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