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Steelers Podcast: Plenty of people to point the finger towards in the Week 12 loss to the Seahawks

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The Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 12, and for the BTSC post-game call in show there were plenty of callers who wanted to get something off their chest.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Seattle Seahawks in the most unlikely of fashions, a shootout resulting in a 39-30 defeat which moved their record to 6-5. When Christopher Carter and I took to the airwaves for the BTSC post-game call-in show "Steelers Final Score", there were more than a couple people who wanted to get some stuff off their chests.

Take a listen as we take callers who discuss everything from the Steelers playoff opportunity, the secondary, Mike Tomlin's coaching decisions, and even the team's drafting philosophy in the mid-rounds of the NFL Draft.

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