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BTSC Pittsburgh Steelers Twitter Chat: Monday at 6 p.m. EST

BTSC is hosting our first Twitter chat. Please join us!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you don't have Twitter, now's the time to sign up. If you do have Twitter, this should be easy.

Join us on Twitter this Monday from 6 - 7 pm EDT to discuss the Steelers.

The format is simple

1) We'll provide the conversation-starters labeling them sequentially starting at Q1

2) You jump in using A1, A2, etc. to indicate what you're responding to.

3) Be sure to use the hashtag #SteelChat so everyone can follow along.

As for the topics, feel free to post your ideas in this thread, and we'll try to accommodate!

Lots of news already for the offseason with OTAs underway, NFL Brady-unfairness, not-quite-healed injuries, doubts about the pass rush and the secondary, James Harrison's potential role, the 2015 schedule, transition to the Butler defense, the season opener vs. the Patriots, competitiveness of the AFC North....

It will be a great way to exchange ideas about the Steelers and connect with other Steelers fans on Twitter.

You can get a head start by following us here:

@btsteelcurtain (Official BTSC Twitter page)

@danibostick (Dani)

@BnGBlitz (Jeff Hartman - BTSC editor)