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Steelers Podcast: "What's Hot" talks Ben Roethlisberger's ranking, Steelers defense and much more

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are only weeks away from reporting to training camp, and there is plenty to talk about despite the slow season. Take a listen to the latest installment of the BTSC podcast "What's Hot".

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In the NFL offseason news can be scarce, but at BTSC we find the news and bring it to you. Check out the latest Pittsburgh Steelers podcast "What's Hot" where hosts Bryan DeArdo and Chris Carter discuss everything under the sun with what is hot in the Steel City as well as the entire NFL landscape.

The guys discuss the 'elite' level of Ben Roethlisberger in regards to other quarterbacks in the NFL, and Roethlisberger's ranking on the NFL Network's 'Top 100'.

On top of Roethlisberger's status in the league, the Steelers' defense continues to be a constant talking point for fans as it looks as if the defense will be the wild card in terms of the team's overall success level.

Listen to the podcast in the player above, but to access the entire BTSC podcast library of "What's Hot" and the flagship podcast "The Standard is the Standard" by going to our BlogTalkRadio page, or on iTunes by searching "The Standard is the Standard" to access the complete BTSC feed.