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Steelers Podcast: "What's Hot" discusses Pittsburgh's lethal WR corps, OTAs and plenty more

In the latest edition of the podcast "What's Hot", Bryan and Chris dive into everything Pittsburgh Steelers related as well as some big stories across the NFL landscape.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are in their second week of OTAs, and there is plenty to talk about. This is where BTSC contributors Bryan DeArdo and Chris Carter com in. In the latest edition of the podcast "What's Hot" the guys discuss everything from the Steelers' lethal WR corps to Adrian Peterson returning to the Minnesota Vikings.

You can hear the show in the player above, but all shows aired on the BTSC podcast platform 'The Standard is the Standard' can be found on our BlogTalkRadio page, here on BTSC and of course on iTunes. Simply search 'The Standard is the Standard to get the complete BTSC podcast feed.

In the upcoming season you will see the return of the show 'The Standard is the Standard', the continuation of "What's Hot" as well as a few more shows to bolster the lineup on a weekly basis. Be sure to check back regularly.