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Steelers Podcast: 'The Standard is the Standard' returns to talk OTAs and story lines heading into camp

Join myself and co-host Lance Williams as we get back into the podcast saddle and get you prepared for all you need to know surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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After a short hiatus, the BTSC flagship podcast (doesn't that sound professional) 'The Standard is the Standard' returns to the airwaves tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST. Join myself and Lance Williams in our return as we discuss some of the burning topics surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers as they complete their final week of Organized Team Activities (OTAs) .

Some of the questions which will be discussed on tonight's show:

- Final week of OTAs, does it mean anything?

- Some key story lines heading into training camp

- A little game we call Fact or Fiction

- Of course we talk about some news on the Steelers first opponents in hot water

- NEW TO THE SHOW will be an interactive Twitter Q & A session where you can ask any question you want, and the best (or maybe the only ones) will be answered live on the air as well as stir up some discussion on social media.

...and everything else you can possibly think of which relates to the Steelers.

There are plenty of ways to get a hold of the show. You can listen live on our BlogTalkRadio page, and be a part of the show by calling in by using the following phone number to be a part of the discussion: (347) 850-8581, you can contact the show via Twitter (@BnGBlitz) and of course you can interact on Twitter by using the hashtag #SteelChat.

If you miss the show you can hear it via podcast here on BTSC, our BlogTalkRadio page and on our iTunes feed. Simply search 'The Standard is the Standard' for the entire BTSC network of shows which includes the new show hosted by Bryan DeArdo and Chris Carter, "What's Hot".

Be sure to tune in LIVE tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST.