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Steelers Podcast: Why Pittsburgh will always be a Steelers town and how to stop the team's dynamic offense

Check out the latest "The Standard is the Standard" podcast where we discuss how Pittsburgh will always be a football town, and discuss ways to stop the dynamic Steelers offense in 2015.

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With a recent article claiming the city of Pittsburgh might be a Pirates town and not a Steelers town on BTSC yesterday, myself and co-hosts Chris Carter and Lance Williams discussed this topic. And we all gave insight into how the Steel City is a football town, and that isn't changing at all anytime soon.

On top of the talk surrounding the city and their favorite son out of three professional sports teams, we talked about Le'Veon Bell vs. DeMarco Murray from a Fantasy Football aspect as well as regular play in the NFL, who the most feared Steelers defender is on the current roster and whether the current team can learn anything from the 2014 AFC Wild Card loss to the Baltimore Ravens

As always, you can listen to the show here on BTSC, on our BlogTalkRadio page and can access our entire platform of podcasts on iTunes by searching "The Standard is the Standard" to not only hear this show, but other BTSC shows like "What's Hot" and "Black and Gold Backstage".