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Steelers Podcast: "What's Hot" gives you Steelers predictions and news around the NFL

Join co-hosts Chris Carter and Bryan DeArdo for another episode of "What's Hot" where they not only give you predictions for the 2015 Steelers season, but discuss new surrounding the NFL.

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On this episode of the BTSC podcast "What's Hot" co-hosts Bryan DeArdo and Chris Carter don't just talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers and news surrounding the NFL, but dive deeper into the Steelers unlike any other show.

On this episode the tandem gives fans predictions for the upcoming 2015 Steelers season, how Dez Bryant's new contract could impact future contract negotiations for Steelers WR Antonio Brown and talk some 'bling' as they debate which Steelers Super Bowl ring is the best (there are so many to choose from!).

As always, you can hear podcasts here on BTSC, by visiting our BlogTalkRadio page and on iTunes by searching 'The Standard is the Standard' in the podcast search engine to find the full compliment of BTSC podcasts.

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