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Black & Gold Backstage Podcast: Interview with Steelers UDFA Niko Davis

The second episode of our newest podcast Black and Gold Backstage, I interview current UDFA Niko Davis. Check out what the rookie had to say.

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Ever wonder what it is like meeting Ben Roethlisberger for the first time? What it takes to get in shape for training camp? Or, how rookies strike a balance between friendship and competition as they fight for roster spots? Since chances are you have never been an undrafted free agent for the Black and Gold, Niko Davis can give you a first-person perspective on the ins and outs of getting signed and trying to make the team.

He also talks about his childhood years when he couldn't care less about football, time on his high school swim team, and earning extra money in school by working as a mime in a tin-man outfit. All this and much more in this podcast where I interview a player just trying to make it in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For more background on Davis, read this write-up: Meet your new favorite player: Dominique Davis, Pittsburgh Steelers DE

And, in case you missed it, our inaugural Black & Gold Backstage podcast was with the artist Baron Batch-- a fascinating conversation you definitely want to sit in on.