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Steelers Podcast: "What's Hot" discusses Antonio Brown's Top 100 ranking and some Fantasy Football advice

Join co-hosts Bryan DeArdo and Chris Carter as they discuss Antonio Brown's place on the NFL's 'Top 100' list, as well as some great fantasy football advice for your upcoming draft.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are a few short weeks away from training camp, and the BTSC podcast "What's Hot" gives you your football fix before the real news starts.

On today's show you can hear co-hosts Bryan DeArdo and Chris Carter discuss the following topics on their latest episode:

  • Discussing Antonio Brown's "Top-100" final ranking.
  • Whether or not the Steelers' offensive balance will change at all from 2014.
  • If we think the AFC North will again field three playoff teams for the second consecutive year.
  • Who is the best current athlete in Pittsburgh?
  • Breaking down the Steelers All-Modern Era first and second teams.

That and much more on this week's installment of "What's Hot". As always you can listen to podcasts here on BTSC, but you can also list on our BlogTalkRadio page and on iTunes by searching 'The Standard is the Standard' into your podcast search engine.