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Steelers Podcast: SteelCast talks Geno Smith, Fantasy Football and Pittsburgh Kickers

Take a listen to Chris Carter and Dani Bostick's latest 'SteelCast' podcast where they yell at one another about Fantasy Football, Geno Smith and even Steelers is worth the listen.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers returned to practice Tuesday, and so did BTSC's Chris Carter and Dani Bostick for the latest edition of 'SteelCast', the newest Steelers podcast on the BTSC network.

Take a listen as they talk about training camp updates, how Dani knows Garrett Hartley (the newest Steelers kicker)...kinda. Of course, they will debate all things Steelers as well as talk Fantasy Football and the complete cluster happening in New York with the Jets and Geno Smith.

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