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Steelers Podcast: 'SteelCast' breaks down the Packers game, injuries and more NFL news

Take a listen to the latest BTSC 'SteelCast' podcast where Christopher Carter and Dani Bostick break down the Packers game, talk injuries and plenty of NFL news around the league.

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So what will the Pittsburgh Steelers team look like without Maurkice Pouncey? What changes will have to be made to allow Cody Wallace to not only come in and play, but to come in and be effective enough for the team to win football games? All of this is discussed in this week's edition of the BTSC podcast 'SteelCast' co-hosted by Christopher Carter and Dani Bostick.

On top of the injury situation the Steelers now find themselves in, the tandem discusses what the team might be able to build upon after the 24-19 win over the Green Bay Packers at Heinz Field as well as other news around the NFL. The duo can never have a show without mentioning Fantasy Football, so have your notebook ready to take notes as they give you some tips as the fantasy season is quickly approaching.

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