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Steelers Podcast: The loss of Maurkice Pouncey, recapping the Packers game and looking ahead to the Buffalo Bills

The Pittsburgh Steelers are breaking a lot of news, and the BTSC podcast "The Standard is the Standard" breaks it all down. Oh, and Michael Vick wasn't even talked about on the episode...

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If I told you the BTSC podcast "The Standard is the Standard" wrapped up a show Wednesday night and did NOT talk about Michael Vick, you would tell me I was a liar. However, that is exactly what happened, even though not 100-percent intentional.

Take a listen as myself and Lance Williams talk everything Pittsburgh Steelers, minus Vick that is, from a breakdown of the past game against the Green Bay Packers, the Maurkice Pouncey injury and what that means, as well as a preview of the Buffalo Bills game this Saturday. We also took several callers from members of Steelers Nation with some insightful questions and comments.

Unfortunately, the server we utilize, BlogTalkRadio, experienced some technical difficulties at the end of the show which caused it to end early, but it shouldn't stop you from taking a listen. Listen to the show through the player above, but also on our BlogTalkRadio page and you can even access the entire BTSC podcast library on iTunes by searching "The Standard is the Standard" into your iTunes search engine. Be sure to susbcribe and rate the show!