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Steelers Final Score: Pittsburgh fans should take the team's performance Saturday with a grain of salt

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After the Pittsburgh Steelers were beaten by the Buffalo Bills 43-19 Saturday, Dani Bostick and I took to the airwaves to talk Steelers fans off the ledge. Had plenty of callers...take a listen!

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The Pittsburgh Steelers put together a horrid performance against the Buffalo Bills Saturday, and Dani Bostick and I took to the airwaves following the game to discuss the result, as well as to take callers. We had several people call in to ask questions, get their thoughts out on how the team can improve as well as where the team might be moving from here.

While we talk things out, we did the best we could to talk fans off the edge before the Steelers host the Carolina Panthers in their 5th preseason game at Heinz Field Thursday.

So, is this a sign of things to come, or chalk this up to another preseason game where the team is still trying to evaluate themselves throughout their 90-man roster? Is there any hope for the 2015 defense, or was the team missing Mike Mitchell, Lawrence Timmons and Stephon Tuitt? Will the offense be able to make up for the loss of Martavis Bryant?

We answer all those questions and more, so be sure to take a listen with the player above, but if you'd like a mobile version you can access our BlogTalkRadio page, as well as finding us on iTunes by searching "The Standard is the Standard" in your iTunes store.