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Steelers Podcast: NFL Picks and Predictions for Week 3

Week 3 of the NFL season has already begun with Thursday Night Football, but the full slate of games is still on the horizon. Take a listen to the latest BTSC Podcast 'SteelCast' where the hosts break down the entire Week 3 schedule and more.

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It was a special mid-morning podcast for the BTSC show 'SteelCast' hosted by Chris Carter and Dani Bostick, but the time of the day it was recorded doesn't hinder the greatness of the show. Take a listen as Chris (not the Hall of Fame wide receiver, by the way) and Dani break down the Week 3 schedule of NFL games.

Some of the games which they focus on in this show:

- Steelers at Rams - Of course they will cover the Pittsburgh Steelers...obviously.

- Bengals at Ravens - Who will win, but also what outcome would be more beneficial for the Steelers as the Ravens could fall to 0-3 while the Bengals stay atop the division at 3-0, or if tying for the division lead would be preferable for Pittsburgh going forward.

- Eagles at Jets - The Jets are looking like a tough AFC opponent and could be a contender if their defense continues to play at a high level. Do they continue their dominance in forcing turnovers or do the Eagles start to right their ship?

- Raiders at Browns - Can Oakland knock off two AFC North opponents in consecutive weeks? With Josh McCown returning to starting quarterback, lots of questions are into this game.
and many more!

Check out the show in the player above, and remember you can hear all of the BTSC podcasts on our BlogTalkRadio page, here on BTSC and also on iTunes. Simply search "The Standard is the Standard" to locate the entire BTSC feed. Please rate and subscribe!