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Steelers Connection: Why the Pittsburgh Steelers will be just fine in 2016

After their Week 3 drubbing by the Philadelphia Eagles, many black and gold fans believe the sky is falling in the Steel City. I'm here to tell you why that won't be the case.

The Pittsburgh Steelers fan base isn't happy. Not when they were screaming Super Bowl through the first two weeks of the season, and the team tripped and fell on their faces in Week 3 when the Philadelphia Eagles gave them a reality check.

Despite the season not even being a quarter of the way over, many are screaming the sky is falling in the Steel City. After all, a 34-3 shellacking can do that to a fan base, but the team is certainly dealing with some issues heading into their Week 4 game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football.

Some of the factors which have fans clamoring to find the panic button?

  • Injuries
  • Defense which isn't doing anything well currently
  • Offense which failed to find the endzone in Week 3

All of these factors certainly have their validity, but on the latest Steelers Connection I take the time to tell you how despite these factors, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be just fine. Not just in Week 4 against Kansas City, but throughout the 2016 season. Take a listen to the podcast in the player above!

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