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Steelers Connection: Can Pittsburgh's defense continue their recent pressure on opposing quarterbacks?

The Pittsburgh Steelers haven't gotten off to the best start, when it comes to sacking the quarterback. The past two weeks have been better, but can they keep up the pressure?

The Pittsburgh Steelers dominated the NewYork Jets 31-13 in Week 5, and it marked their second straight win, but more importantly, their second convincing win in a row. It should be noted in both of those victories the Steelers defense was able to put pressure on the quarterback with regularity.

Two games is a small sample size, but can the team continue this upward trend throughout their next few games and the rest of the regular season? In the latest episode of the Steelers Connection, I explain how the Steelers defense might just be turning the corner.

Looking at the film is great, but the numbers don't lie. I take a look at the weekly stats in all 5 games for the Pittsburgh Steelers, their averages, projections, NFL rankings and also the upcoming opponents and how they may contend against those specific offensive units.

Take a listen to the short podcast in the player above, and you will hear all about how the Steelers defense is just getting started.

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