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Steelers Connection: Why Pittsburgh's Week 6 game vs. the Dolphins will not be a "let down" game

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are known for a let down game, or two, under Mike Tomlin. However, don't expect the Week 6 game vs. the Miami Dolphins to be one.

There is no denying the Pittsburgh Steelers have struggled against lesser competition under Mike Tomlin. Tomlin is the ultimate motivator, and knows how to get his team ready for a challenging game. However, his teams have the ability of "playing down" to their competition a few times a season, especially on the road.

In fact, for those who love the conspiracy theory of the "let down" game, this upcoming game against the Miami Dolphins falls into the Bermuda Triangle of trap games.

- Coming off a big win
- Traveling
- Huge game follows the game

All three aspects will be in full effect this Sunday, but, if you ask me, this upcoming game will not follow the trend which has haunted Tomlin since 2007. In the latest edition of the Steelers Connection, I discuss just how this 2016 Steelers team is different, and how those games where the team flops are well in the past.

Simply take a listen to the short podcast in the player above to get more in-depth analysis on the situation, and why the Steelers will be just fine on Sunday.

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