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Steelers Podcast: Black and Gold NFL Recap breaks down Week 6

Enjoy the latest episode of the Black and Gold NFL Recap where Matt, Fred and Sabo talk about the Steelers, but also the other games in Week 6 of NFL action.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Join Matt, Fred and Sabo for another round of sound as the trio outlines not just what happened in Week 5, but previews Week 6. Check out what is on the docket for the latest episode:

- Colin Kaepernick starts
- Justin Forsett finds a new home
- Cam Newton returns
- Erik Decker to IR
- Minnesota Vikings the only unbeaten
- Steelers vs. Dolphins
- Other Week 6 must-see games
- Predictions and MORE!

If you missed the live show, you can hear it in podcast form in a variety of ways. You can hear it again on our BlogTalkRadio page, on BTSC, on iTunes by searching "The Standard is the Standard" to access our entire BTSC platform, and on multiple podcast apps for Android users.