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Steelers Connection: Why Pittsburgh is wise to stick with Le'Veon Bell as the work horse of the offense

The Pittsburgh Steelers have two capable running backs in Le'Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams, but the team is wise to just focus on No. 26 being in the backfield.

Despite his successes, you still hear fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers calling for DeAngelo Williams to get the ball more. Since returning from suspension, Le'Veon Bell has been the workhorse for the black and gold out of the backfield, and this is the best thing the team could do.

The same thing happened in 2015 when Bell returned from suspension, until he hurt his knee midway through the year, and it makes sense for Bell to be the work horse on many different fronts.

First, statistically Bell is the better running back. He has better hands, runs the ball better, is faster and ultimately is the most dynamic back in the game today. This isn't a cut on Williams, but there aren't many, if any at all, in the NFL today who compare to No. 26.

Second, the eye test doesn't lie. When Williams is inserted into the game for a series, things just look "off". The offensive line has grown accustomed to having Bell run the football, and not Williams. Williams is a north and south runner who puts his foot in the ground and goes. Bell is more patient, waiting for the perfect spot to hit his hole and make a big play for the offense. Again, not a cut on Williams, but Bell is clearly the man for this offense at this juncture.

Lastly, the Steelers have one of the best stables of RBs in the league, and could need all of them healthy if Bell goes down. No one wants Bell to be injured, but the fact is the past two seasons have ended prematurely due to knee injuries for the prolific running back. Having Williams, Fitzgerald Toussaint and recently acquired Karlos Williams all healthy and available is a huge asset to the team moving forward.

In the latest podcast, found in the player above, I diagram these exact reasons why Bell should be the lone work horse for the team. Take a listen to the 10 minute podcast!

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