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BTSC on Demand: Breaking down the positives to come out of the Steelers loss to the Patriots in Week 7

The Pittsburgh Steelers were close, but weren't able to pull out the win over the Patriots in Week 7. We took to Facebook Live to answer questions from fans and talk about the latest contest.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers were unable to prove the football world wrong and win a close game with Landry Jones, not Ben Roethlisberger, at quarterback Sunday at Heinz Field against the New England Patriots, but that doesn't mean there weren't positives to take away from this game. For instance:

- Le'Veon Bell continues to be dominant in every facet of his game

- The offensive line had a tremendous game in both pass protection and run blocking

- The Steelers created turnovers, and won the overall turnover battle

- Jordan Berry continues to have a strong season

- Antonio Brown and Landry Jones were able to make things work, even with a depleted WR corps

These, and some more, were all discussed in the latest Facebook Live video. If you've never taken part in one of our videos, it is easy. First, 'Like' us on Facebook, and then join us for both our pre-game video, as well as our post-game video. I take the time to answer questions, talk about matchups, what went right and what went wrong with the latest game.

You can see the latest video below, and hopefully you'll tune in for the next one!