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Steelers Connection: Why the Week 7 loss to New England doesn't spell doom for the Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team limping into their bye week coming off back-to-back losses. For those who think the sky is falling, you might want to re-think such a perspective.

Everyone knows one of those fans. You know, the fan who is stating how the Pittsburgh Steelers season is over after their Week 7 loss to the New England Patriots. This same fan will suggest the Steelers are now playing for just a Wild Card berth, at best, and are not the juggernaut team everyone once thought they were.

Well, although there is a large contingent of fans who believe such nonsense, I explain in the latest Steelers Connection podcast just why this isn't the case. My basis for such a theory is centered around 5 key factors, which are given in more detail in the short podcast above:

- It is only Week 7
- Getting injured players back after bye week
- Remaining Schedule
- AFC North Division
- Plenty to play for

Take a listen to the latest episode to hear just why fans who think the season is over at Week 7 in the season might need a major reality check, and more.

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