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Steelers Connection: Who is responsible for the Pittsburgh "Next Man Up" philosophy working so well?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are known for a lot of things. Winning is paramount, but the resiliency to overcome suspensions, injuries and other adversity might be a close second. Who is responsible for this "Next Man Up" philosophy.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are known around the NFL landscape for several things. Having the most Super Bowl championships, winning, stability and much more, but one aspect of the team which doesn't get much publicity outside of the Steel City is their resiliency.

Mike Tomlin, since being hired in 2007, has done a tremendous job preparing those players who find themselves in the lime light due to several possible scenarios. His "Next Man Up" or "The Standard is the Standard" philosophy has become synonymous with the Pittsburgh football organization.

When looking at the success in this realm of the game, who exactly would be the main cause for this ongoing flow of talent who steps up when their number is called?

In the latest episode of the Steelers Connection I dive into exactly who is, and should, be getting props for this ongoing trend in Pittsburgh.

Credit the players first, naturally they are the ones on the field making the plays, but don't forget Tomlin himself, his coaches and even the front office and scouting departments. These players, like B.J. Finney and Jordan Dangerfield, don't just show up unannounced.

Essentially, I give credit to those who deserve it. Take a listen to the show in the player above, but also on iTunes.

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