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Steelers Connection: Why Pittsburgh is the most dangerous 4-4 team in the AFC

The Pittsburgh Steelers might be just 4-4, but they are easily the most dangerous team around .500 in the AFC.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Saying a team is the most dangerous team hovering around the .500 mark is sort of like saying you have the best “okay-looking” date at the high school dance. Nonetheless, when looking at the AFC Playoff Picture, there is good reason to think the Pittsburgh Steelers are far from finished, even after being 4-4 at the halfway point of the season.

On the latest episode of the Steelers Connection, I take a look at the teams who are either .500, or hovering around that mark, and look at several characteristics which could prove which teams will last, and which will fade away.

First, you look at their remaining schedule. Picking games in the NFL is difficult, but divisional games, where they travel and ultimately who they play could decide just how far a team goes in the back half of the regular season.

Second, you look at talent. How do they match up with the Steelers offense? And lastly, you look at the factors like health and division. For instance, the AFC West is absolutely loaded with talented teams this year, while the AFC North has become one of the cellar dweller divisions in the NFL.

When looking at these factors, you can see just how Pittsburgh could be considered the most dangerous team in the situation they currently find themselves in.

You can listen to the latest short episode in the player above to hear more details about why Pittsburgh is primed for a second half run to the postseason.

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